Although some analysts have criticized the focus of Western governments and NGOs on goals such as trying to increase the number of women in parliaments, enhancing women’s representation remains a central objective of many international democracy promotion efforts in the Arab world. But the impacts of these efforts are more complex than they might appear.


Princeton Professor awarded $500,000 to research cryptocurrencies


nationalsciencefoundationThe National Science Foundation (NSF) allocated a half-million-dollar grant to Arvin Narayanan, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University, in late June for “Addressing the challenges of cryptocurrencies: Security, anonymity, stability.”

Narayanan is particularly famous in academic world for his research in data anonymization.

As the project…

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The Princeton University Art of Science exhibition explores the interplay between science and art. Read more about the exhibition or view the galleries. Here are the this year’s winning images:
First place (top): Watermarks by Sara Sadri (postdoctoral researcher)
Second place (middle, left): Fungus among us by James S. Waters (postdoctoral researcher)
Third place (middle, right): Portrait of the artist in the air shower by Yasmin Afsar (graduate student)
People’s Choice (bottom): Fruit fly factory by Yogesh Goyal (graduate student), Bomyi Lim (graduate student), Miriam Osterfield (post-doc), Stas Shvartsman (faculty)