A novel way to learn more about information-security issues

Ed Felten is launching what he calls a public “quasi-course” that will feature the readings being undertaken by graduate students in COS 597G: Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Surveillance and Countermeasures this fall, along with the opportunity for online discussion.

Learn more about how to participate here.

Felten and his colleagues at the Freedom to Tinker blog have been offering insights into information-security issues in the wake of reports about NSA surveillance.

On the NSA’s capabilities

The NSA appears to be taking a holistic approach toward its interception technologies. Mix a dash of engineering weakness with a sprinkling of advanced mathematics on giant computing clusters, toss in some collaborating ISPs, shroud it all in secrecy, and they hoped to have a capacity that none other could match.

NSA Apparently Undermining Standards, Security, Confidence

In security, the worst case—the thing you most want to avoid—is thinking you are secure when you’re not. And that’s exactly what the NSA seems to be trying to perpetuate.

On Security Backdoors

It’s one thing to secretly give the NSA easier access to everyone’s data. It’s another thing to give everyone easier access. The latter is worse.
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